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Omodos: 5 July - 19:00 - starting from the north entrance of the church
Lania: 7 July - 19:00 - starting from the church
Vouni: 7 July - 19:00 - at the school of the village

Duration: 30’-40’

Choreography: Evi Panayiotou

Dramaturgy consultant: Maria A. Ioannou

Dancers/Collaborators: Julia Brendle, Elena Gavriel, Nicole Constantinou, Katerina Tilliridou, Andria Michaelidou, Stefanie Papadopoulou.

Music/Sound: Andreas Rodosthenous, Prodromos Stylianou

Costumes: Christos Othonos, Liene Kalisz

Photography/Cinematography: Charis Evagorou/Harry Evagorou

A performance which explores the historical, semantic and experiential identity of
different spaces, including their past and current use (as both a personal and collective experience). Abandoned schools, olive oil mills, libraries, wine warehouses etc. 'dance' in space as motionless forms and, at the same time, create a choreography in the user's/observer's mind. These spaces become animated, waiting for the right moment to return from the past to the present through the architectural landscape. Through their architecture and use, they also become tools of memory, tools 'on the move' through the movement of the dancers.

The performance will be presented in July, in three villages, within the framework of the Cultural Decentralization 2019 programme, by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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