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Fasoula Kato Drys: 8 August - 18:30
Fasoula: 12 August - 18:30
Koilani: 22 August - 18:30

Starting from the building of the Community Council of each village.

Duration: 30’-40’

Choreography: Evi Panayiotou

Text/Dramaturgy: Maria A. Ioannou

Dancers/Collaborators: Christina Eliadou, Elena Gavriel, Nicole Constantinou, Katerina Tilliridou, Andria Michaelidou, Nicole Yiannaka.

Actors: Giorgos Kyriakou, Thekla Flouri

Music: Prodromos Stylianou

Costumes: Christos Othonos, Liene Kalisz

Photography/Cinematography: Charis Evagorou/Harry Evagorou

Rural spaces as tools of memory in relation to their architecture and use; tools in movement through the movement of the dancers-performers and their interaction with other bodies and objects. The body as user, catalyst, object. The body and its movement in dialogue with words and sounds. The transformation of the living into the lifeless and vice versa.

The performance will be presented in August, in three villages, within the framework of the Cultural Decentralization 2020 programme, by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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